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argon used in light bulbs cheap argon gas

Properties:Other Place of Origin:Hangzhou, China (Mainland) Product Name:ethylene oxide Type:Liquid Color:Colorless Purity:99.99% Package:Cylinder Price:Negotiable MOQ:Negotiable COA:Available

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This is the description of argon used in light bulbs cheap argon gas

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Factory price ethylene oxide gas
Factory price ethylene oxide gas
Factory price ethylene oxide gas
Factory price ethylene oxide gas


Use of ethylene oxide

Ethylene oxide can kill bacteria (and its endospores), molds and fungi, it can be used to disinfect some can not tolerate high temperature sterilization items. American chemist Lloyd Hall obtained a patent for preserving spices by ethylene oxide disinfection in 1938, which is still used today. Ethylene oxide is also widely used to sterilize medical supplies such as bandages, sutures and surgical instruments.
Most of the ethylene oxide is used to make other chemicals, mainly ethylene glycol. The main end use of ethylene glycol is the production of polyester polymers, which are also used as automotive coolants and antifreeze agents.
Because ethylene oxide is flammable and has a wide range of explosive concentrations in the air, it is sometimes used as a fuel component of fuel gas fired explosive bombs.
argon used in light bulbs
argon used in light bulbs
argon used in light bulbs cheap argon gas
argon used in light bulbs
cheap argon gas
cheap argon gas
cheap argon gas
The same price. Oxygen bottles and argon bottles are the same bottle, just different colors.
Oxygen cylinders are used for the adjuvant treatment of respiratory diseases (such as asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease, etc.) and heart and cerebrovascular diseases (such as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, cerebral infarction) Ease the symptoms of hypoxia; can also be used: health care oxygen or nervous mental fatigue and rapid lifting after labor.
Cheap argon gas is used in very small quantities, usually in 40-liter large bottles, but in factories, stainless steel processing, etc., but small-capacity 4L, 6.3L, 8L, 10L, 15L are all working out of stainless steel Used
In addition, like the chemical industry in the SF6 recovery unit must have a small volume of argon gas cylinders. Looking for resources, you can buy from the regular manufacturers, but remember, pay attention to select the material of the product, 37MN (manganese steel) higher safety factor, such as the market price of 8L sales at 110 yuan ~ 130 yuan. Should not be used, are made of carbon steel materials, low safety factor. Once used with oxygen and other long-term safety will bring inconvenience.
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