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Argon Gas Bottles

2018-11-02 16:49:29

Argon is employed in combination with different gases to weld a wide selection of auto parts. It is a natural component of the atmosphere. Because 100% argon can be accustomed to TIG weld all metals and thicknesses you only need one sort of gas in your shop to deal with all your welding projects.


It's even feasible to fill your current windows with argon gas (even without replacing them) in order to raise energy efficiency and reduce your electricity costs.Liquid argon is stored, shipped, and handled in several sorts of containers, depending on the quantity needed by the user.


Cylinders are frequently very heavy and ought to be handled, with the acceptable equipment and with care, to reduce rupture or damage. If you discover that you desire a cylinder or gas urgently, we will most likely be in a position to assist you, out of normal hours! A quality argon gas cylinder with the most suitable mix is essential for quality welding.


Argon Gas Bottle Sizes


The very best method is to understand what size of cylinder you've got. The absolute most appropriate size for you will be dependent on a selection of factors, including consumption and flow rate. You should know what the available Argon tank sizes are and what's the perfect Argon tank size for you.


The argon bottle is argon stored at high pressure. Generally, it USES 40L large bottle, which is used in factory and stainless steel processing, but 4L, 6.3l, 8L, 10L and 15L of small volume are used when working outside stainless steel processing.


In general, the purity of argon should be 99.999%, which is good for the stability of instrumental analysis. If the purity of argon is not enough, some samples with high alloy (such as Cr, Ni, W, etc.) cannot be stimulated normally.


With an argon gas consumption of 50 samples per day, a bottle of argon (14MPa) can be used for at least 5 days, and your one must have air leakage or argon partial pressure gauge flow is too large.


Argon Gas Cylinder Price


The weight of argon is 1 of air. Four times, a stable airflow layer can be formed over the molten pool, which has good protective performance. In addition, less smoke is produced during welding, which is convenient for controlling welding pool and arc.


Argon gas is a kind of inert gas, at room temperature are in chemical reactions with other substances, and insoluble in liquid metal at high temperature, therefore, in the welding of nonferrous metals can display its superiority more argon is a monatomic gas at high temperatures, argon gas dissociation directly for the positive ions and electrons, so low energy loss, arc burning stability. At the same time, the decomposed positive ions have a larger volume and mass, which have a strong impact on the cathode and a strong cathode crushing effect.


The cooling effect of argon on arc is small, so when the arc is burned in argon, the heat loss is small and the stability is better. The thermal contraction effect of argon on arc is small, plus the potential gradient and current density of argon arc are not large, the voltage maintaining argon arc combustion is low, generally 10V can be. Therefore, when welding the arc elongates, its voltage changes little, arc is not easy to extinguish. This is very beneficial for manual argon arc welding. Argon is a by-product of oxygen production. As the boiling point of argon is between oxygen and nitrogen with a small difference, a certain amount of impurities are often left in argon. Welding argon in accordance with China gb4842-84.


The purity of argon and its test method should reach 99. 99%. The specific technical requirements are shown in the following table. If the content of impurities in argon exceeds the prescribed standards, it will not only affect the protection of molten metal in the welding process, but also easily cause defects such as pores and slag inclusion in the welding seam, which will damage the welding joint quality and increase the burning loss of tungsten electrode.


Argon is mainly used in welding, stainless steel manufacturing and smelting, and it is also used in semiconductor manufacturing processes such as chemical vapor deposition, crystal growth, thermal oxidation, epitaxy, diffusion, polysilicon, tungsten, ion implantation, current-carrying, sintering, etc. As the carrier gas of ICP, gas chromatograph, standard gas, equilibrium gas, zero point gas, etc.