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Fire-fighting measures for medical ethylene oxide gas

2017-12-14 00:48:53

Hazardous characteristics: its vapor and air to form a wide range of explosive mixtures. In case of heat and open flame there is the danger of burning explosion. In case of high fever can occur violent decomposition, causing the container rupture or explosion. Contact with alkali metals, hydroxides, or highly active catalysts such as anhydrous chlorides of iron, tin, and aluminum, and oxides of iron and aluminum can expel very much heat and can cause explosions. The vapor is heavier than air, can spread to a lower place quite far, in case of fire will be burning back.


Hazardous Combustion Products: Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide.
Fire fighting methods: cut off the gas source. If you can not cut off the gas source, it is not allowed to extinguish the flame at the leak. Spray water to cool the container and, if possible, move the container from the fire to the empty area.
Extinguishing agents: water mist, anti-soluble foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide. [9]