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Nitrogen in various industries

2017-12-13 09:25:39

Nitrogen has a wide range of uses in the chemical industry, petroleum industry, electronics industry, food industry, metal smelting and processing industries.

1, oil and gas and coal mining industry in the application

    Injecting nitrogen into the oil well not only increases the pressure in the well and increases the oil recovery, but the nitrogen can also be used as a cushion in the measurement of the drill rod, which completely avoids the possibility of crushing the lower test tube in the well. In addition, nitrogen is also used in downhole operations such as acidification, fracturing, hydraulic jetting, and hydraulic packer setting. Filling natural gas with nitrogen reduces calorific value. In the replacement of crude oil pipelines, available liquid nitrogen burning both ends of the material, so that the closure of the solidification.

    Nitrogen is used for the pressure delivery of pulverized coal, which is safe, convenient and economical.


2, the application of chemical industry

    Nitrogen is the main raw material for ammonia synthesis. Ammonia required for the synthesis of nitrogen without isolation and purification, directly from the air. During the production of ammonia synthesis gas, the oxygen in the air and the hydrocarbon raw material undergo high-temperature catalytic reaction. After the processes of conversion, decarburization and methanation are carried out, a mixture of hydrogen with a small amount of methane, trace amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide , The nitrogen and argon in the air do not participate in the reaction and directly enter the syngas, thereby obtaining the ammonia and syngas mainly containing hydrogen and nitrogen. As the ammonia synthesis, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide is easy to make synthetic catalyst poisonous, methane and argon synthesis of inert material, a large number of accumulation will reduce the synthesis efficiency, the use of liquid nitrogen purification process clean gas, can extend the life of the catalyst, improve Ammonia synthesis efficiency.

    Nitrogen is still the main raw material for the synthesis of calcium cyanamide, sodium cyanide and silicon nitride.

    High purity nitrogen can be used as an auxiliary gas for the production of polyethylene, such as polyethylene production lines with an annual output of 10 million tons and 4,400 standard cubic meters of pure nitrogen per hour.

    The use of nitrogen chemical inertness, in many flammable liquids reactors, tanks filled with nitrogen, not only to protect the material from oxidation, to maintain product quality, but also to ensure safety and prevent combustion and explosion accidents.

3, metallurgical industry in the application

    Nitrogen in the metallurgical industry is mainly for the protection of gas and purge gas. In the rolling and metal heat treatment process, due to the expansion of nitrogen to reduce the metal's high temperature oxidation, so that the surface smooth. In non-ferrous metal smelting furnace filled with nitrogen, can reduce oxygen and temperature, reduce oxidation, improve product purity. Purge the molten steel with nitrogen to reduce the hydrogen content in the steel and increase the strength of the product. Blowing 86% nitrogen into the blast furnace reduces coke consumption and prolongs service life. In the plasma arc

Furnace filled with nitrogen, nitrided high-speed tool steel can be produced.


4, the application of the electronics industry

    Purging the wafers with dry nitrogen in the electronics industry keeps the wafers dry and clean. In large scale integrated circuit manufacturing processes, high-purity nitrogen can be used as a carrier gas for chemical reaction gases, inert gas and packaging gas.


5, machining applications

   Liquid nitrogen is used in the over-fitting or static-fitting assembly of metal to avoid high-temperature oxidation and maintain the finish of the part surface. After the parts are treated with liquid nitrogen can prolong the wear life. Metal cutting with liquid nitrogen cooling with a long life, surface finish and higher advantages.

 6, science and technology applications

    High purity nitrogen is the common carrier gas in gas chromatographic analysis. Liquid nitrogen is an important source of cold in scientific instrumentation or scientific experiments. Single-crystal lithium detectors such as EDAX spectrometers need to be stored and used at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. Many tests have to be carried out at low temperatures, the cold most of the occasion provided by the liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen can be used as a variety of cold trap, cold pump and cryogenic superconducting cold source.


7, the application of food industry

    Nitrogen in the food industry is mainly used as a protective gas. For example, fruits and vegetables in the library, filled with nitrogen, oxygen eviction, inhibition of mold growth and ethylene generation and release, delaying the metabolism of fruits and vegetables, so that the preservation of longer. In the storage of food, filling nitrogen, can delay aging, in a long period of time, to maintain the smell of new rice. With the accelerated pace of life, fast food more and more people's attention, in the packaging container filled with nitrogen can extend the shelf life of these foods. Fish, meat and a class of food, frozen with liquid nitrogen, you can achieve the effect of rapid freezing, to prevent the formation of vitreous water within the organization, the organization will not be damaged, after the heat can maintain the original tasty taste.


8, biological, medical applications

    Nitrogen is an ideal source of cold in the biological and medical fields, mainly due to the low temperature nature of liquid nitrogen, its inertness and its non-toxicity. Liquid nitrogen has been widely used in the preservation of animal semen, human tissues and surgery.

9, other

   Liquid nitrogen also has some applications in the field of construction. For example, large-volume concrete is exothermic during curing, cracks often occur in the interior to reduce the strength, and liquid nitrogen as a coolant can greatly increase the strength of concrete. Liquid nitrogen has a unique role in the salvage of sunken ships. Liquid nitrogen gasification can produce pressure, can be used as a power source. Liquid nitrogen is also used in the condensation of the atmosphere into clouds, the simulation of the space environment, the formation of low-temperature air-moving channels, the recovery of radioactive waste, the removal of scale on metal surfaces, the manufacture of ceramic superconducting cables, the crushing recovery of waste rubber and plastic products.


    Nitrogen can also be used as fire extinguishing gas. Filling the bulb with nitrogen or a mixture of nitrogen and argon alone can extend lamp life.

    In short, nitrogen is widely used in national economy and people's livelihood and is closely related to human life, production activities and scientific experiments.