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The difference between food-grade carbon dioxide and industrial carbon dioxide

2017-12-13 09:31:02

At present, industrial-scale production of carbon dioxide is by-product.
Most of the food-grade carbon dioxide from the fermentation, are generally by-products of the brewery, mainly for carbonated drinks. Some countries have stipulated that the carbon dioxide used for food can only be the food source.
Carbon dioxide is also a byproduct of calcium carbonate calcined lime. The carbon dioxide obtained by this approach is generally used for industrial purposes, such as oilfield mining.
In natural gas and coal chemical industry, a large amount of high-purity carbon dioxide can be produced in the process, and some of them are also entering the market.
In addition, natural gas fields with carbon dioxide at individual sites.

Industrial grade carbon dioxide
Industrial grade carbon dioxide
CAS No.: 124-38-9
Other Names: Carbon dioxide
EINECS No.: 204-696-9
Place of Origin: Hangzhou, China (Mainland)
Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade
Purity: 99.999%
Appearance: colorless
Application: electronic industry