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compounds with argon argon gas dealers

2018-03-15 09:55:08

compounds with argon
compounds with argon
argon gas dealers
argon gas dealers
compounds with argon    argon gas dealers
compounds with argon argon gas dealers

Compound and Argon Use Conditions
1. Working environment: During the hot season in summer, the cylinders should be kept in a cool place. Do not expose them to the sun. Avoid rising pressure and explosion. If the ambient temperature exceeds 50 degrees, use cool water to cool down.
2. During the production, transportation, storage, and use of argon cylinders, they should be kept away from sources of fire. Strictly forbidden use and impact should be used. Do not dump.
3. It is strictly forbidden to weld and cut cylinders, drill holes and other dangerous operations with a welding torch.
4. After using each bottle of argon gas, it must be ensured that there is more than 0.3Mpa residual pressure in the bottle to ensure argon purity.
5. Argon should be placed securely during use or storage to avoid impact or fall.
Argon gas is mainly used for protection gas in the smelting and welding of the semiconductor industry, rare metals, and non-ferrous metals. Such as monocrystalline silicon smelting welding, optical lighting, laser medical care, chromatographic carrier gas, and the preparation of standard gas mixtures, but also can do the ideal insulation material. Argon arc welding argon gas welding, using argon as a protective gas welding technology. It is to protect the area of ​​the arc by protecting it with argon gas and isolating the air outside the weld zone. Therefore, stainless steel and iron metal can be welded. Argon gas is an ideal protective gas, which is 25% larger than the air density. It is beneficial to protect the welding arc and reduce the consumption of protective gas during flat welding. Argon is a chemically inert gas that does not chemically react with metals even at high temperatures, thereby eliminating the alloy oxide burning loss and the resulting problems. Argon gas is also insoluble in liquid metals and does not cause pores. Argon is a monatomic gas that exists in an atomic state, with no molecular decomposition or atomic absorption of heat at high temperatures. The specific heat capacity and heat transfer capacity of argon gas is small, that is, its absorption capacity is small, and its heat transfer is also low. The heat in the arc is not easily dissipated, so that the welding arc is stable to combustion and the heat concentration is conducive to the welding.
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